The Red Barn

The Red Barn

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The Red Barn

Acrylic on canvas, 22” x 28”
Private collection

“We here in America don’t have any antiquity, so for us there is only 18th and 19th century rural nostalgia. It was then we had our heroic age, and a…barn is to us as a Greek temple was to Poussin, a symbol of a whole tradition, laden with all kinds of good associations.”

– Wolfe Kahn

I grew up in the rural Midwest, and barns dotted every road I ever traveled in my childhood. They haunt my memories, and appear in paintings from every decade of my life. This one resides in the Hickory Flat area of Cherokee County, and she is every bit as beautiful as I have portrayed her, spreading her wings beside a serene pond of blue.

Like Wolfe Kahn, I can’t think of an element in the American landscape that speaks more to our heritage. Barns can be found in every part of our country, and represent the American movement across the continent.

In The Red Barn, I arched the sky high over the barn to show the firmament, anchoring the barn to both earth and heaven, like the temple Kahn refers to. The earth yields the harvest, heaven yields the sun and rain, and both make the harvest bountiful. The changing sky hints at the winter to come.

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