The Protector


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The Protector

Watercolor, 8” x 10”
Private collection

You will protect me from trouble
And surround me with songs of deliverance.

from Psalm 32

To us, the ladybug is a pretty red beetle, a grace note in the garden. But to the rose, the diminutive ladybug is her knight and protector, ridding the garden of all manner of pests that would otherwise devour her leaves and blooms.

God is the ultimate Protector. He shares with us the miracle of life. He provides us with defenses against the ravages of the physical world. And He protects our souls for all eternity.


  1. Cheryl Jenkins Brickner says:

    Absolutely beautiful “Rose”!
    Well done!!

    • Ann Litrel says:

      Roses never grow old when it comes to painting – like people, they come in infinite colors, shapes and personalities. Cheryl, thank you so much : )

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