The Mill at Sixes Road

The Mill at Sixes Road

a custom print on canvas through Fine Art America.

Framing available.

The Mill at Sixes Road

Acrylic on canvas, 36” x 24”
Corporate collection, Fountainview Dentistry

As I began to sketch the Mill, it soon became apparent that the building itself was not the source of the Mill’s beauty: its setting was. The tumbling rocks and water, the grassy field, the spreading trees – all play a part in our mental picture of “The Mill.”

The artist’s job is not to slavishly copy; any camera can do that. If this were true, one could simply take a snapshot of every pretty scene one encounters, and be done with it.

So what does an artist do? The artist “tunes in” to what she thinks is the essence of the subject. She selects, highlights, and refines. The truth is that what makes something beautiful is much more complex than simply its appearance. Beauty is an emotion supplied by ourselves, the viewers. And that is the artist’s job – to capture and enhance the emotion in the work.

So you see the Mill here as it appeared to me the morning I came to sketch it. Its gray sides are burnished by the first rays of the morning sun. The grass, too, is brushed with light, and the oak tree is outlines in fire, burning in the same light that baptizes the entire scene, and the Mill itself.

What is the connection between the Mill and Cherokee’s tragic Trail of Tears?
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