Nothing Gold Can Stay (Franklin- Creighton Gold Mine)

Nothing Gold Can Stay

a custom print on canvas through Fine Art America. Framing available.
Nothing Gold Can Stay

Pastel on board, 20” x 16”
Private collection, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Elliott

It was a crystal September morning when I drove to the country to find something to paint. What I remember best about this scene was the immense sense of openness about the place, the enending dome of the sky as it arched over the building.

Later, I learned more about the history of the building. Known as the Shingle house, it is the last remaining structure from the Franklin-Creighton Gold mine, seed in the heady days of the 1829 Georgia Gold Rush.

the paintings title references the poem by robert Frost. the poet observes, “Nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold…” And his words go on to include the fall of Eden, the deterioration of all things that partake of this world.

the last line of the poem serves both as the title for the poem and for this image of a once flourishing gold mine, now abandoned:

“…Nothing gold can stay.”

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