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Watercolor, 19 1/2” x 14 1/2”
Private collection

In spring the butterfly emerges transformed from the tomb of his cocoon. The magnificent lily rises up from a lowly bulb. These are miracles of the everyday sort.
In the book of John we are told the story of a miracle: Lazarus, a man whom Jesus raises from the dead. It is a miracle because it is not a daily occurrence. It is outside our realm of experience.

Every day we are surrounded by a myriad of miracles which we do not recognize, because they are “commonplace.” But if we look at the world anew, we may see Signs everywhere in the ways of His earthly Creation. The specific events – the emergence of the butterfly, or the lily in the spring, are simply echoes of the larger plan God has for mankind – Resurrection, and life everlasting.

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