Midwinter: The Barn at Hickory Flat

Barn at Hickory Flats

Purchase a custom print on canvas through Fine Art America. Framing available.

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In stock at the studio, 12″ x 9″  signed print, framed:

Midwinter: The Barn at Hickory Flat

Acrylic on canvas, 12” x 9”
Private collection, Mr. and Mrs. Don Boyee

This painting portrays a beautiful little barn tucked just off East Cherokee Road. In this work, I’ve distilled the scene to its essence; a glowing sky, a simple barn, the utter stillness of a midwinter sunset. This distillation is the critical step that transforms an image from simply a pleasant picture into that elusive thing we call Art.

As an artist matures, the distilling process brings about a painting style as unique as any signature. When I have completed a piece of art, I find that what often emanates from the canvas is a kind of radiant peacefulness that seems to be part of my best work.

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