In the End (Franklin-Creighton Gold Mine)

In the End


a custom print on canvas through Fine Art America. Framing available.
In the End

Oil on canvas, 28” x 22”
Private collection, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Howey

In this painting of the Shingle House, the physical shapes of the landscape went through the refiner’s fire of my inner eye, yielding a fantastical red sky that, nevertheless, seems as real to me as any in the “real” world.

Yet I struggled through many studies and small paintings, like the one you see on the right, before I could make that vivid mental image come to life in a painting. I worried that the red sky would be “too much” for a successful painting, and I experimented with numerous “watered down” versions like the one above. Finally, my friend, master landscape artist Marsha Savage, looked at my sketches and said, “For Pete’s sake, if you see a red sky, paint a red sky.”

The most challenging task of the artist is learning to trust one’s vision – that inner vision that, until translated through the medium of art, is seen and perceived in the mind of the artist alone.

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