Dance of the Darters

Dance of the Darters

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Dance of the Darters

Acrylic paint, 12” x 18”
Private collection

This painting pays homage to the native species of the Etowah River – the large-flowered skullcap, the small-whorled pogonia, and the small freshwater clams; but most of all the darters, the tiny fish that make their home in the shallows of the Etowah.
Four species of darter are found in the Etowah and nowhere else – the Etowah Darter, the Cherokee Darter, and two species of Holiday Darter. In the dance of the Darters,” these diminutive fish arch out of the water toward the heavens, larger than life, so we can see the pure fancy in their markings – flahes of color spangled on scale and fin as thought the Creator painted them for joy itself.

The creatures who emerge from the background hills are the animals indigenous to the Eastern deciduous forest, some familiar, some scarce. Their half-hidden outlines hint at the Creation which is ongoing – the emergence of new species through the eons, and the possibilities of life to come.

The “Dance of the Darters” is a part of the dance of Life itself, a dance which began in the dawn of time. We are a part of that movement, slowly learning our steps, trying to create a more beautiful Dance – for all of the creatures dancing with us on Earth.

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