About the Artist

ann-litrel-0210-2I was born in Kansas, a country of endless skies and wheatfields. By the time I was six, I knew I was an artist. I spent my childhood in the Midwest, exploring the farmland and forests of Illinois and Michigan. I was drawing constantly, then painting. I graduated summa cum laude from the School of Art at the University of Michigan.

I moved to the South and worked first as a commercial artist, painting the things I have always loved best, the land and its creatures: flowers, butterflies, birds. The images were reproduced on a variety of decorative products, from stationery to textiles, licensed and sold nationwide.

In 2002 I created The Eternal Garden, a fine art collection of nature images. Each watercolor and drawing is accompanied by a written meditation on the spiritual symbolism of its subject – flower, fruit or animal.

Two years later I painted the landscapes that make American Visions. Beginning in Cherokee County, Georgia, I found a panorama of images that showed the march of history through the American community – from frontier to farmland, small town to suburbs. In the accompanying writing, I propose that we are all artists, constantly creating, striving each day to paint a better vision of the world.

Since then I have written and illustrated columns for a variety of publications on topics which include history, community and ecology. In 2004 I served as editor for a book on the relationship between health and faith, The Eyes Don’t See What the Mind Don’t Know, by my physician husband, Dr. Mike Litrel. This year saw the opening of my new gallery and studio, Ann Litrel Art, a beautiful space in a century old building. Each morning I open the windows to the sounds of birdsong and distant train whistles, and I paint within sight of the old Depot across the street. It’s an artist’s heaven; I feel blessed to be here.      

Artist’s Statement:
I believe that we create because we are made in the image of the Creator, that the Creation is not a mythical event of the past, but a living event of the moment, taking place all around us.

I believe that Beauty does indeed uplift us. I believe that in bringing art into your life, you co-create with the artist, participating in a shared and more beautiful Vision of the World.

I believe in an eternal Truth, a spiritual existence which permeates the seemingly physical world around us. I admit we go through much of this Life in a fog. Yet in the course of our lives each of us will experience at least a few precious times of Awakening, when at least for one glorious moment, our eyes become clear, and we see the Transcendent that is Here and Now.

A portion of all sales at Ann Litrel Art are donated to nonprofit organizations, in the hopes that the impulse toward Beauty might uplift us and our community in more ways than one. Currently these groups include MUST Ministries, the Cherokee County Emergency Shelter, and the Nature Conservancy in the Etowah Rivershed.

From the time I was a child, wherever I have lived and created art, I have felt the intense beauty of Creation, and the beautiful hand of the Creator has been apparent to me in the most minute wildflower, in the most ordinary field of haystacks.

The Creation surrounds us all. We paint the world together.